Counselling & Guidance Team

Core rationale

"Care about our students, be there for them"



1. To familiarize new students with the school environment so that they can enjoy life better

2. To foster better communication and co-operation among students through peer influence and support



1. Co-operate with class teachers, Discipline team and school social workers and provide counselling services for individual students when necessary.

2. Establish a group of Peer Counsellors (PC) and implement ”Big Brother Big Sister Scheme” (BBSS) to support S1 students.

3. Nurture the leadership and empathy of Peer Counsellors (PC) through activities like training camps, regular meetings and self-reflections.

4. Organize WeCan Program and coordinate with Whole Person Development team, Discipline team, Integrated Education team and school social workers to build up students’ confidence and guide them to explore themselves.


What is WeCan Program?

Since 2018, we have started up WeCan Program to offer various platforms for S2 and S3 students to discover their own potentials and appreciate themselves.

Students are required to participate a total of 6 activities in one school year.


Core Activities

- Archery Tag

- Adventureship

- Volunteering

- Canoe Training


Self-selected Activities

- Wild Camp

- 3 km Run

- Escape the Room

- Final Challenge