School Advisory Committee

In 1936, local gentries and elites in Yuen Long, who wished to bring home the bacon and nurture talents in our district, raised more than $200,000 HKD to organize our school. The Education Department (former Education Bureau) was impressed by their sincerity and ambition in secondary education and funded another $100,000 HKD to the foundation. Our school was finally established by the government in 1946 and named Yuen Long Public Secondary School. The group of gentries and elites formed the School Advisory Committee (SAC) to assist school operation and provide funding. The SAC’s term of office is 2 years. The 39 th SAC will take effect from 2020 to 2022. The current Chairman is Mr. Lam Chiu-kuen. There are a total of 45 members and 4 honorable members which gather the leaders and elites from different sectors in the society.

The SAC organizes regular meetings to discuss school operational duties. Every year, the SAC sponsors $100,000 HKD as scholarship to award outstanding students. The committee also funds the school new facilities, different activities and students who are in-need. The wide social network and abundant resources provided by the SAC members have brought lots of opportunities to our school development. It is honorable to have the SAC members officiating at various school ceremonies and giving speeches which benefit our teachers and students. Thanks to the continuous contribution by the SAC, our school is able to thrive on future development.