Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps

Our Vision

TS Faith was commissioned in 2019. As a leading and sustainable uniformed organization in Asia, we aim to develop youth training in nautical, naval and maritime activities and disciplines with the inculcation of the appropriate moral, ethical and environmental values.

Training Outline

- To provide international standard programmes for the training of cadets in nautical, naval and maritime disciplines and skills.

- To inculcate into each cadet appropriate moral and ethical values, such as respect for seniors, fairness and consideration in dealing with others, and protecting the environment.

- To build up confidence, self-respect, and health and safety awareness of cadets.

- To furnish cadets with an international perspective, as well as broadening and strengthening their cultural identity.



Annual Events

- NE Camp

- Canoeing Course

- Visit to Fire Boat & HK Maritime Museum

- Seamanship Training

- Hiking

- Footdrill Competition

- Annual Parade

- Passing Out Parade

- Annual Camp

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