The Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol


The Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol (Yuen Long Public Secondary School) has been established for many years and is a uniformed team under the Hong Kong Road Safety Association (No. NTN2).

The purpose of the establishment of the team is to educate students about the basics of traffic safety through education, so that they can clearly understand the correct attitudes they should take when using the road, and then promote it to their peers and family members. Since Road safety Patrol is a uniformed team, discipline training and activities can cultivate youth leadership skills and strengthen their sense of responsibility and self-discipline.


The team conducts marching training for team members during lunch and after school, so that team members can master the basic marching skills, and, at the same time, cultivate cooperation and team spirit among team members.

In addition, the team also provides special training for members. As for the training outside the school, team members may have the opportunity to enroll the courses on footwear and shoe care taught by instructors of the Hong Kong Road Safety Association. Team members are assessed badges as well, in order to deepen their understanding of traffic safety and exercise their willpower.